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During the PartyMake veggies the star of your plate.

“You don’t need to be a WW member to embrace some of our recommended ZeroPoint foods like veggies, veggies and more veggies,” says London. “ZeroPoint foods are foods that form the foundation of an overall healthy eating pattern and that’s why they don’t have to be weighed, measured or tracked.”

Load up from the crudités platter.

“Veggies will help you fill up on fiber and are high in water content, so you’ll also help balance out the dehydrating effects of alcohol, and lend a helping hand in loading-up on minerals that can help offset the bloat-inducing effects of sodium (calcium, potassium, and magnesium) found in processed meats, cheese and packaged snacks,” says London.




Keep protein in your main course.

“Once you’ve substantially  how to stop overeating filled up on the good stuff, you can go in for a serving of something more indulgent,” says London. “Shrimp, beef, chicken, and salmon are often poached, grilled or pan-fried. Another great choice: an open-faced sandwich you can load up with veggies.”

Prioritize flavor vs. “filler.”

“Be mindful of the things you’d personally consider ‘filler’ so that you can max-out on actual flavor of the food you love,” says London. “For example: Are chips and guac your absolute favorite? If so, is it because you love guac? Have a few chips, and then pile on the crudités, or use guacamole as a topping on sandwiches, salads or chili. Considering what feels like a filler ingredient for you can help you make any meal or snack about what you really want to eat based on your health-specific priorities and the taste of foods you love.”

If it’s already in your kitchen, skip it.

“Why dive into a plate of table crackers you have at home and could have any time?!” says London. “Choose two of the foods you love the most at any event, or ones that you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself.”

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how to stop overeating